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Soap nuts detergent

What are soap nuts?

Soap nuts are actually berries (also know as soap berry) that grow on the Sapindus tree, an evergreen tree belonging to the Sapindaceae family, just like the lychee tree. Sapindus are common in India and Nepal mostly but also in Southern Asia and in the USA. The names soap nut or soap berry come from the fruit pulp that is used as a soap-like product. Indeed, soap nuts contain a substance called saponin that is found in many plant species and that is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. Saponins produce a foam when shaken in liquid, just like regular soap. Soap nuts have therefore been used as a cleaning agent for centuries and is nowadays used as an efficient and safe soap nuts detergent to wash laundry, dishes and is even used in soap nuts shampoo. Soap nuts are a great alternative to chemically-made detergents for their efficiency (it will leave clothes clean and odorless), their cost (soap nuts can be used more than once in the laundry) and their green qualities (it is renewable and bio-degradable). It is an excellent detergent for wool and silk items for its softener-like properties and for colored clothes as it leaves the colors vibrant. Also, being 100% natural, soap nuts do not cause allergic reactions unlike other detergents and are beneficial to wash baby clothes in order to protect the baby skin’s sensitivity. Soap nuts can be used to disinfect the house, the car and as a natural multi-purpose cleanser. It can also be used to wash pets to get rid of parasites and leave their fur clean.
soap nuts tree
In traditional medicine and in particularly in Ayurveda medicine, soap nuts are used as an expectorant during colds to soothe coughs. It can help with blood circulation, with case of hysteria, with viral infections, with anemia, with epilepsy and is even used as a spermicide. Recent studies have shown also that it can be a great remedy for migraines and headaches. A doctor consultation is however advised before taking soap nuts remedies.

soap nuts shampooSoap nuts used as a shampoo is said to help with hair loss, dandruffs and leave the hair shiny and soft. Used topically, soap nuts cream or soap nuts soap barsoap nuts soap bar promote the reduction of fine lines, attenuate freckles and can be helpful for cases of eczema or psoriasis.

How to use soap nuts?

soap nuts
1 – Soap nuts as a detergent
Put 5 or 6 soap nuts in a laundry pouch and insert with the clothes into the wash machine just like any other detergent. You can put the machine up to 90 degrees. Soap nuts are also available in liquid detergents as liquid soap nuts.

Watch how soap nuts work

2- Soap nuts as a multi-purpose cleanser
Take a few soap nuts, remove the seed and add water. Bring to boil and leave it for about 10 minutes until the saponins are extracted. Use the remaining liquid to clean countertops, bathrooms, car, or use as a liquid hand-soap or shampoo. Mix water, liquid soap nuts and vinegar to clean windows!

3 – Soap nuts to wash fresh fruits and vegetables
Soak your fruits or vegetables in soap nuts liquid for 10 min to remove all chemical and parasites.

4 – Soap nuts as a cosmetic ingredient
Use soap nuts liquid on your hair and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeated over time, it will help get rid of dandruff while leaving the hair silky soft. You can also use soap nuts as a body wash or face cleanser (avoiding the eyes).

5 – Soap nuts to clean jewellery
Soak your jewellery in liquid soap nuts for 10 minutes and polish until they shine.

Organic soap nuts are the way to go to follow a green lifestyle as they are safe for our health and for the environment, while being efficient for many purposes just like many other organic products. You can buy soap nuts easily online.

Bach flower remedy as an holistic treatment

What is a bach flower remedy?

Bach flower remedy is a simple and efficient remedy that was created in the 30’s by Dr Edward Bach. Bach flower remedies are plants and flowers preparations or flower essences that aim at treating emotional problems. Bach flower remedies help maintaining an harmonic balance with our own self and with others.

The origins of the bach flower remedies

Dr Edward Bach had noticed quickly the limitations of regular medicine and wanted to create an holistic approach to cure human beings. He had understood that negative energies and emotional tensions are bad for the body as they use our vital energy that leads to tiredness, pain and a weaker immune system. He was convinced that diseases are the results of internal conflicts and decided to create a natural healing method to get rid of those emotional conflicts by using the healing energy of certain plants to interact with our own healing energies as both are similar. Throughout his years of research, he discovered that certain plants had the capacity to transform negative energies into positive energies. The Bach flower remedies do not heal physical conditions but by recreating an internal harmonic emotional balance, all the beneficial conditions are gathered to leave the body free of auto-healing itself.

38 Bach flower remedies at your disposal

wild-oat-bach-remedy38 plant remedies were created focusing each on a negative emotional state and Dr Bach classified them into 7 main categories:

– fear
– hypersensitivity
– loneliness
– lack of interest for the present time
– despair and discouragement
– uncertainty
– excessive sensitivity towards the lives of others

Bach remedies became very popular and still are nowadays, even being sold in pharmacies.

Rescue Remedy

A 39th remedy, probably the most popular one was created and called the Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is made of 5 plants and is the must-have remedy in case of big emotional chocks or fears such as a sudden death of a relative, an exam, the fear of flying, panic attacks to name just a few examples. Upon taking few drops of Rescue Remedy, we feel instantly more calm and better. Rescue Remedy contains Rock Rose (for panics and terrors), Clematis (for fainting or inattentiveness), Impatiens (for impatience), Cherry Plum (to remain in control of oneself) and Star of Bethleem (for chocks).

If you ever feel that some emotions are taking over you, try an appropriate Bach remedy to get rid of those negative feelings. Bach remedies have no side effects and can be combined with homeopathic remedies and other organic products. Only a few drops under the tongue are necessary and can be taken as long as you feel the need. Improvements can be seen only after a few drops or after a few weeks, depending on each person.

Rescue Remedy pet

pet rescue remedyRescue Remedy even exists in version for pets (Rescue Remedy pet). If your pet feels anxious or nervous, the pet rescue remedy can have an immediate calming effect and is ideal if you need to leave your pet for a few days or if you go on a plane. You can read about the benefits of the pet rescue remedy in our featured book.


Bamboo clothing

Bamboo fabric is becoming more and more popular in the textile industry, firstly because it is a renewable resource but also because it is environment-friendly and it has many more qualities than cotton in terms of quality, longevity, water absorption thanks to the porous fibers and softness.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo belongs to the grass family Poaceae and grows in east and south-east Asia, Australia, India, Himalaya, some regions of Africa, Atlantic region of the USA, Chile and Argentina. In Asia, bamboo has an historical economic use as food product and raw material, especially to build houses as it is the strongest construction material; it is also used to make furnitures. Bamboos are an interesting plant because they are the fastest growing plants/trees in the world, sometimes growing 60 cm per day. New bamboo canes emerge in the Spring and grow during 60 days during which time leaves are produced. After 60 days, the bamboo stops growing but can live as long as 10 years. It reaches maturation between 3 to 5 years old at which point it can be harvested. It can reach 3 meter high. Every year, new bamboos emerge even without replanting. Bamboos help improve the soil quality.

In the past few years, bamboos have gained considerable notice especially as a decoration plant because they fit in each and every home, garden, office, restaurant, adding a touch of zenness to any environment. Also, bamboos help fighting global warming as they release 35% more oxygen than any other plants/trees. They grow in extreme weather conditions, may it be in mountains or sub-tropical climates and can sustain very harsh incidents. As a matter of fact, bamboos were the first trees to grow right after the Hiroshima catastrophe.

Bamboos are really the way to go green and replace trees because of their short growth cycle and the so many uses we can make out of it.

Bamboo fibers and bamboo clothing

Bamboo fibers come directly from bamboo culms. Clothes made from bamboo fabric can absorb body moisture much more easily than any other fabric; they are elastic, soft, sort of ventilated to let the body breathe and the material being very flexible can be shaped very easily as well. Because of its absorption capability, bamboo can be dyed without any problem. At last, bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and contains a substance that helps stop unpleasant odors. Bamboo clothing includes bamboo underwear, bamboo t-shirts, bamboo shirts, bamboo towels, bamboo bed linen and much more.

Bamboo fibers can be produced mechanically or chemically however. Chemically-produced bamboo fibers are obviously the most common method for cost-related reasons and go through the same treatments as other fibers. It is nowadays used as a big marketing tool to attract customers even if the bamboo clothes are not necessarily eco-friendly. To make sure that your are buying bamboo clothes or bamboo-related garments that are safe for your health, look for organic bamboo clothes that have been certified by reliable and independent organic associations such as Oeko-Tex, Soil Association, SKAL or KRAV that limit the use of certain chemicals.

Always check for organic symbols on the labels, regardless which organic products you want to buy.

The main organic symbols include:

Soil Association
AB organic

Organic cotton, organic clothing and organic baby clothes

The cotton industry and the effect on the environment and health

Cotton textile has grown in popularity in the apparel industry and a high demand in cotton means the use of chemicals and pesticides to speed up the harvest, sustain this demand and disinfect it. Cotton crops amount for 25% of the total use of pesticides, by far the largest responsible in devastating the environment, water supplies, the farmers health and our health. Let’s reflect on this when we wear our super kewl T-shirt that in fact requires the use of a 1/3rd of a pound in pesticides, without including the amount of chemicals used to bleach it or dye it. Pesticides used on cotton include devastating chemicals such as cyanide and are known to cause cancer. More than 220,000 people each year are reported to die because of the use of pesticides by the WHO (World Health Organization). When wearing regular cotton clothing, our skin comes in contact with those chemicals and for the weakest can create allergies and more devastating health concerns. This is especially true for babies who always bite their clothes and who, at the same time, ingest unhealthy substances.

Organic cotton clothing sales are increasing

This is why the recrudescence in the growth of organic cotton has seen a huge increase in the past few years as much as 20% from 2007 to 2008 globally (India, Turkey, Syrica, China, the USA). Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and allows the soils to replenish and stay fertile and leave the water supplies free of chemicals. The organic cotton sales have increased drastically to reach $521 million in the USA in 2009 and the fashion industry is catching the train with big designers such as Victoria’s Secret, Esprit, Timberland or Levi Strauss offering a wide range of organic cotton clothing to their end consumers. The famous band U2 have also launched a brand EDUN, offering a wide range of organic cotton clothing that is not only environment and health-friendly but also looks great. With consumers becoming more aware of environmental and health issues, this is only the beginning of an industry that is steadily growing for the good of everyone.

Why organic cotton clothing is better?

Organic cotton clothing uses organic cotton which means that the cotton is free of chemicals much like any other organic products. Organic cotton clothing come in a wide range of products for men, women, children and babies alike and can be fashionable as well. Other organic cotton products include organic personal care products such as ear swabs, pads, make-up removal pads, diapers or organic house furnishing products like sheets, towels, bathrobes and more.

When going a shopping spree, we can now combine fashion and good deed by favoring organic clothing. However, shopping organic is also becoming a marketing tactic for companies who want to target environment and health conscious consumers so we need to make sure that the clothes we buy are indeed 100% organic. Reading the label of our picked item is a good start to see which material is used and know the origin of the product.