Bach flower remedy as an holistic treatment

What is a bach flower remedy?

Bach flower remedy is a simple and efficient remedy that was created in the 30’s by Dr Edward Bach. Bach flower remedies are plants and flowers preparations or flower essences that aim at treating emotional problems. Bach flower remedies help maintaining an harmonic balance with our own self and with others.

The origins of the bach flower remedies

Dr Edward Bach had noticed quickly the limitations of regular medicine and wanted to create an holistic approach to cure human beings. He had understood that negative energies and emotional tensions are bad for the body as they use our vital energy that leads to tiredness, pain and a weaker immune system. He was convinced that diseases are the results of internal conflicts and decided to create a natural healing method to get rid of those emotional conflicts by using the healing energy of certain plants to interact with our own healing energies as both are similar. Throughout his years of research, he discovered that certain plants had the capacity to transform negative energies into positive energies. The Bach flower remedies do not heal physical conditions but by recreating an internal harmonic emotional balance, all the beneficial conditions are gathered to leave the body free of auto-healing itself.

38 Bach flower remedies at your disposal

wild-oat-bach-remedy38 plant remedies were created focusing each on a negative emotional state and Dr Bach classified them into 7 main categories:

– fear
– hypersensitivity
– loneliness
– lack of interest for the present time
– despair and discouragement
– uncertainty
– excessive sensitivity towards the lives of others

Bach remedies became very popular and still are nowadays, even being sold in pharmacies.

Rescue Remedy

A 39th remedy, probably the most popular one was created and called the Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is made of 5 plants and is the must-have remedy in case of big emotional chocks or fears such as a sudden death of a relative, an exam, the fear of flying, panic attacks to name just a few examples. Upon taking few drops of Rescue Remedy, we feel instantly more calm and better. Rescue Remedy contains Rock Rose (for panics and terrors), Clematis (for fainting or inattentiveness), Impatiens (for impatience), Cherry Plum (to remain in control of oneself) and Star of Bethleem (for chocks).

If you ever feel that some emotions are taking over you, try an appropriate Bach remedy to get rid of those negative feelings. Bach remedies have no side effects and can be combined with homeopathic remedies and other organic products. Only a few drops under the tongue are necessary and can be taken as long as you feel the need. Improvements can be seen only after a few drops or after a few weeks, depending on each person.

Rescue Remedy pet

pet rescue remedyRescue Remedy even exists in version for pets (Rescue Remedy pet). If your pet feels anxious or nervous, the pet rescue remedy can have an immediate calming effect and is ideal if you need to leave your pet for a few days or if you go on a plane. You can read about the benefits of the pet rescue remedy in our featured book.