Kjaer Weis innovates with classy organic cosmetics packaging

Organic cosmetics and beauty products are gaining in popularity because people are tired of all those harmful ingredients they put on their skin. However, when thinking of organic cosmetics, we often think of poorly-designed packagings or simple containers but this is not always the case. Earth-conscious people can have taste and this is what Kjaer Weis, Danish-born but New-York based make up artist is proving.

She achieved to produce colorful make up including organic cream blush, organic lip tint and organic eye shadow made from 100% natural ingredients and paraben-, petrochemicals-, and synthetics-free while focusing on a design package that reminds of embroidered jewelery. The packaging was designed by Marc Atlan, a franco-american art director who also worked on prestigious projects such as packaging for Yves Saint Laurent or the perfume Comme des Garcons. It is sleek, classic and compact and opens laterally while the shape of each item is a reflexion of its purpose: square and large for the face and cheeks, long and thin for the lips and small and round for the eyes. The compacts are refillable to be in tune with our organic lifestyle and the refills are available in paper cartons that are entirely recyclable. The ingredients include jojoba oil, castor oil, shea butter, and various fruit extracts that are not only good for the skin but also give the product a pleasant scent.

Kjaer Weis organic color cosmetics line took a few years to develop but is quickly becoming the organic-must have product. It is an ideal gift for women who are environment- and health-conscious but do not want to sacrifice on their style at the same time. The products range from $44 for the eye shadow, $48 for the lip tint and $54 for the blush. They are currently available in retail stores in the USA, the UK and Denmark or online.

Kjaer Weis organic cosmetics