Natural and organic deodorant aluminium-free

A good hygiene is important, one for our own health but also for the sake of others because let’s face it, nobody likes BO so we use deodorant to attenuate body smell or antiperspirant to block it altogether. Body odors are created from the natural body sweat that in itself is odorless but when it comes in contact with the skin becomes fermented by bacteria, thus creating this unpleasant smell. The hair that are naturally present where sweat is more abundant such as under the armpits prevent the colonization of bacteria that are responsible for body odors. However, we have taken the habit of shaving for aesthetic purposes so when sweating, body odors are even more prominent. The sweat function varies with each human being and so do natural body odors but to prevent them, we have developed a hygiene routine using antiperspirants that stops the sweat glands from working and thus stops perspiration. In theory, it sounds great but in reality, it is far from being healthy because sweat glands have important functions. Indeed, firstly, they help the body control its temperature. When the body temperature rises, sweat is produced and is evaporated on the skin’s surface through sweat pores to cool down the temperature. Secondly, it helps the body get rid of waste materials such as urea or lactic acid that are toxic.

The first antiperspirant formulation was designed in the 40’s and since then has been improved to work even more effectively, meaning that it acts even more strongly on blocking the natural body function that is sweating. Additionally, antiperspirants contain chemicals and aluminium that are absorbed by the skin to enter the body and that over time can create heavy health complications. Besides creating skin irritations and allergies in some people, some studies have linked the use of antiperspirants with Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer in others. A good way to check how toxic is a specific antiperspirant is to consult the Cosmetic Safety Database whose role is to test cosmetic products and assess whether they are safe or not.

Natural deodorant for a safe hygiene

The solution is not to give up on hygiene or not to shave but on the contrary, to be even more hygienic and use safe alternatives that will leave the body performs its natural functions while keeping us even cleaner. First, a shower morning and night should be part of the daily routine. It may sound funny but with the hectic pace of life people are going through, this is not a common practice. If you check at your work, you can easily notice that some people did not hop in the shower before cloaking in. Then, it is important to use a natural deodorant that does not only contain fragrance to cover body odors but that actually performs natural anti-bacterial activities. Since the bacteria are the cause of odors, by stopping their growth and killing them, body odors are automatically prevented. Natural deodorants are usually made with specific organic essential oils that are extremely efficient in killing bacteria while smelling good or with natural alcohol that is antiseptic, baking soda or salts. Because when switching to a all natural deodorant, the body can perform its natural functions once more, we may experience an increase in sweating but this is temporary and all we need to do is to reapply during the day. Also, the smell of essential oils can also be beneficial to the mood or state of mind so you get 2 products in one 🙂 A natural deodorant may not appeal to everyone because it does not have this commercial and synthetic fragrances that we have been accustomed to. However, when we get in touch with our body again, we become more sensitive and tend to appreciate these natural smells much more because we know unconsciously they have beneficial effects on our health.

You can find a natural or organic deodorant at your local health store or online but as usual, when buying organic products, always double check the ingredients to ensure it does not contain any chemicals. You can also formulate your own natural and aluminium free deodorant. For example, while not using some organic aloe vera gel and mix it with a few drops of organic tea tree essential oil or organic lavender essential oil. Both of these organic essential oils have very powerful anti-bacterial effects and will guarantee an odorless day!

We can also suggest the lemon and sage organic deodorant by The Organic Pharmacy. jasmine grapefruit organic deodorant ErbavivaThis is an amazing product that not only smells good but works well and even wake you up in the morning. natural deodorant powderAn other alternative includes the Himalayan salt natural deodorant powder that only contains sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. You can view other organic deodorants here.

Try it and enjoy 🙂