Aromatherapy: alternative therapy through the use of essential oils

Aromatherapy consists of the use of essential oils to promote the general wellness of the mind, body and soul. Essential oils are derived from the essence of plants and
botanicals with effective therapeutic effects to soothe a wide range of disorders.

Essential oils are made of such small particles that these molecules can easily penetrate the skin, enter the blood stream and circulate throughout the body for their healing actions to take place.

Aromatherapy can help the body to regenerate, enhance body functions, release stress, balance nervous and hormonal pathways, boost the immune system and act also on a psychological level.

Aromatherapy has been practiced since centuries in many great civilizations and is nowadays a recognized and accredited alternative and complementary therapy.

Common methods to use essential oils include:

– inhalation
– bath
– massages
– compress

When choosing an essential oil, it is important that it is a certified organic essential oil to guarantee the expected results as too often, substitutes to essentials oils are sold (like fragrances) and not only they do not work but they can actually be a hazard to one’s health. Like for all organic products, always check the label or gather information about the manufacturing practices of the company.