The gross reality about meat products

This is a video about meat farming that is so disgusting, it might turn you vegan. You might have seen it already but this is really shocking and it should be seen by everyone to stop the ongoing massacre. The video speaks for itself so we will not comment but hopefully, it will give you food for thought so to speak. We have compared it with an organic chicken farm video that yes, might not be a certified organic chicken farm, but organic is here used as a term for natural, non cruel and even normal. In the organic chicken farm, chickens are grown outside, they have space, they eat natural grains, they see green things and are only part of the natural food chain, as opposed to a mass production meat factory that treats living things with cruelty only to ensure that big food chains continue to feed us with their burgers, chicken wings and what not.

Disgusting meat factory:

Organic chicken farm

You can find organic meat products at your local natural store or even online buy organic meat online at shops such as as to contribute to the fight against animal cruelty. Organic products are becoming a fashion but what it means deeply is going back to the traditional ways of growing things, may it be animals, vegetables or fruits; a traditional way that respects nature and all living things.