Organic Chocolate Children’s Advent Calendar

The countdown to the festive season has arrived and the build-up to Christmas is often more exciting than Christmas day itself. This is particularly true for children because this is on December 1st that many advent calendars begin. Advent calendars are covered with little windows corresponding to each day of the month of up to the 24th. of December. Each little window opens with a flap to reveal an image often related to Christmas tradition but nowadays, they can also reveal a nice little chocolate piece and this is why children are so excited each day to wake up and open their advent calendar.

Since the festive season is already linked with an increased intake of food and sugary stuff that lower the immune system and create a build-up of toxins in the body, why not limit the damages by giving advent calendars packed with organic goodies to avoid additional intake of chemicals.

Organic chocolate means that the cacao and sugar used are produced with chemical-free methods using biodynamic and organic fertilizers so being free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and other things, it is not only better for our health but it is also a way of protecting the health of the farmers who are less exposed to chemicals and to protect the environment and the ecosystem by using alternative means of production. So by doing one small part, everyone wins. And at the same time, why not give fun facts to our children about organic farming so that they can learn about the environment and health-friendly food. Tiki the Penguin can help!

You can find advent calendars with organic chocolate in any supermarket or in some chocolate shops. Alternatively, you can find some on Amazon such as Montezuma’s – Organic Milk Chocolate Children’s Advent Calendar or Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar or even Montezuma’s Organic Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Enjoy and Happy December!