Organic skin toner

Purifying and Energizing Super Bioactive Toner

Purifying and Energizing Super Bioactive Toner

Finalize the cleansing process and prep skin for serums and other treatments with this 99% certified organic toner.
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Organic Dual Action Exfoliator

Tone and Balance Super Bioactive Toner

99% certified organic toner suitable for oily and combination skins. It will prepare the skin for your creams or serums. Contains plant materials that serve as decongestant to the skin without irritating it.
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Concentrated balancing toner

Concentrated Balancing Toner

The balancing toner contributes to the reduction of skin irritation and redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties while preparing your skin for further treatments such as creams or serums.
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Concentrated nourishing toner

Concentrated Nourishing Toner

The organic nourishing toner helps refresh the skin and make it ready for further treatments. Rich in anti-oxidants.
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