Top 10 organic gift ideas to turn green

With the holiday approaching slowly but surely and even not so slowly after all, we have compiled a little list of organic gift ideas that could make your friends/family/co-workers turn green or make them really happy if they are already following an organic lifestyle and are into organic products. We found gifts for both genders and even for the little ones because they need to be trained young on the eco-friendly concept if we want to save our planet! We thought also about our friends the pets that should not be left behind.

organic coffee and organic tea title=1) Organic coffee and organic tea with handpainted mug: This is a sort of neutral gift that could fit for the Secret Santa at work. However, everyone loves coffee and tea and if it’s organic, it still adds a touch of originality! This basket contains a large variety of organic coffee and 20 bags Zen Blend green tea as well as a coffee mug. You will receive a $5 gift certificate for any further online purchase at Rogers Gourmet Coffee and Tea market. View the organic coffee and organic tea gift basket here.

organic spa basket2) Organic Spa Gift Basket: This is a nice woman’s gift because every woman or almost every woman likes to pamper herself. Here is a choice of various spa gift baskets including truly organic face creams, organic body creams, organic exfoliants, organic bath products and organic salts that are paraben, chemicals-free and of different natural flavors.
The products can be shipped internationally by UPS who is supporting the recycling movement by using recycled materials. View the organic spa gift basket here.

korres shaving cream3) Organic shaving cream and after-shave for men: Alright, you might think that the shaving cream idea is a bit lame but what says more that you care about the person that an organic shaving cream? Men have a sensitive face skin, even more than women because they need to shave almost every day. Most shaving creams contain ingredients that you would not dare to eat while a truly organic shaving cream is made of natural ingredients and healing ingredients such as essential oils to soothe the skin irritation at deeper skin levels. We have selected the Korres Absinthe Heady Shave Cream and Korres Ginseng and Marigold after shave balm. He will ask you for more because it’s just an awesome product. View the organic shaving cream and the organic after-shave.

recycled laptop bag4) Fancy laptop sleeve made from recycled material: This is for our fancy geek friends who care about the environment and their look. The recycled laptop sleeve comes in different colors and is made of 79% upcycled materials. It is also waterproof and comes in size 16″ X 12″ X 5″. View the recycled laptop sleeve here.

skateboard-earrings5) Skateboard earrings: Yes, that’s correct, those fun earrings are made from old or damaged skateboards and sterling silver ear wires. They are rounded and come in unique colors and patterns. They are original while being fancy at the same time and bring a very happy touch. They are hand-made and have been designed by Lindsay Jo Holmes, a jewelery designer during the day and skateboarder at night. View the Skateboard earrings here.

organic-candle6) Organic Happiness candle: You might not know what to think when you receive a candle as a gift, but we do love it so we decided to suggest it. Most candles we buy are made from paraffin wax which is a derivative of kerosene and contain unnatural scents that can actually be hazardous for the health but not this one.This is not an ordinary candle but a candle made of vegetable wax and essential oils. Everyone loves to put candles in their home so this can be a great gift if someone has just moved in. View the organic happiness candle here.

himalayan-salt-lamp7) Himalayan salt lamps: The therapeutic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps can be an original gift for your stressed out friends or family members. The salt lamp creates negative ions that purify the indoor air making it similar to the outdoor air and resulting in a state of well-being. It also creates a nice atmosphere in the home, may it be in the living room, bedroom, bathroom. You can read about our Himalayan salt lamps and its therapeutic properties for more information. View the Himalayan salt lamp here.

eco friendly purse 8 ) Eco-chic purse: The eco-chic purse by Urthbags is made from recycled newspaper which gives it its truly uniqueness. Not one bag is the same and you can choose from a vast range of colors, materials, sizes and features. Also, if you become an UrthBags Fan on facebook, you receive a 15% OFF any retail purchase by using the coupon code: FACEBOOKFAN15 at the check out. *Offer Expires on 12/31/10. View the eco-chic purse here.

organic pet shampoo9) Organic shampoo, soaps and lotions for pets: For our pet lover friends, what about a line of organic pet products that will not irritate the animal skin? Most products used at the pet groomers are packed with chemicals that the animal intakes when licking itself. This is a great alternative! View the organic shampoos, soaps and lotions for pets here.

organic baby gift basket10) Organic baby gift basket: Maybe your sister, sister in law, friend or even coworker has just given birth so we have selected the organic baby basket from Neal’s Yard. This basket contains organic Baby Bath of 100ml, Baby Powder (75g), Pure Baby Oil (50ml), Baby Balm (15g) and an organic cotton flannel. These products are made from 100% natural ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, cocunut oil, lavender essential oil to calm and chamomile to stop irritations. It can be an awesome present to pamper the little ones. View the organic baby gift basket here.