Organic rolling paper

Everyone has flaws and even when following an organic lifestyle, smoking can still be an issue. However, more and more people have started rolling their own cigarettes to control not only the size of the cigarette but also to fill it with any amount of tobacco or other herbs (i.e. cloves or herbal mix) they want and to cut on the cost associated with smoking. According to surveys, the R.Y.O (roll your own cigarette) segment makes for 2 to 4% of smokers in the US, 9% in Canada and at least 50% in New Zealand (% have not been verified).

Composition of rolling paper

Rolling papers can be made with wood pulp, hemp (a fiber derived from the plant Cannabis Genus, also used to produce paper or textile), flax (a plant from the Linaceae family), rice or esparto which is a grass from North Africa used to produce quality paper, fiber, cords or baskets (source Wikipedia). A thin band of glue is also included on the rolling paper to stick the paper together once the cigarette has been rolled. The paper goes under a chemical treatment including chlorine that can have devastating consequences on the health especially on the lungs. Chlorine is present in tab water, swimming pools and more and while it can stop the spread of epidemics, it can also create deadly health problems. Glue is called an inhalant and can lead to oxygen deprivation.

Why choose an organic rolling paper?

Organic rolling paper is made with organically-grown hemp and is chlorine-free. The result is a thin paper of light color and the color can actually vary from paper to paper depending on the batch of hemp used to produce the paper. This is a safer alternative to regular smoking paper or paper used in cigarettes. If you have difficulty to quit smoking or want to reduce the damages caused by smoking, you can also opt in for organic tobacco to roll your cigarettes. Smoking organic cigarettes with organic rolling paper and organic tobaccoorganic tobacco is a better option than smoking regular cigarettes but it is still very dangerous for your health and quitting smoking all together should be the ultimate goal. If you want to quit smoking, read about Helichrysum essential oil.

Where to buy organic rolling paper?

You can find organic rolling paper online. Few companies have caught up with organic rolling paper so that few brand alternatives are available, the most predominent one being RAW.