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Organic cramp bark to release spasms and painful cramps

Organic cramp bark is issued from the Viburnum opulus tree belonging to the Adoxaceae family. The Viburnum opulus tree grows in Europe and Asia and is also called the Snowball tree or European cranberrybush. It grows 2m to 4m high and produces small hermaphrodite white flowers in the summer resembling of a snow ball that transform into small red fruits during the fall. cramp bark fruitsThe fruits are not edible and can even be toxic. What is interesting about this tree is the bark, also called cramp bark for its health properties. The bark is taken during the spring and dried to manufacture cramp bark tincture.

Cramp bark tincture is a very powerful anti-spasmodic that also help muscles to relax and is very useful for muscular cramps, stomach cramps, colon irritation, constipation, asthma and menstrual cramps, the latest being the most common condition for which it is prescribed particularly if the cramps are induced by uterus contractions. Cramps are usually of nervous origin and can be so painful that people often need to rely on anti-spasmodic drugs that can also have pretty harsh side effects but the cramp bark tincture is as effective and natural and will serve as a muscle relaxant.

cramp-bark1 tea spoon 2 or 3 times a day in water during spasms or 2 days before and after menstruation will do the trick and will help relieve the pain but cramp bark should not be taken on a regular basis. It can also be applied topically especially during muscles spasms (for skeleton and smooth muscles) creating back pain.

Organic cramp bark tincture or cramp bark tincture from natural source is better as like with all organic products, it ensures that the product has not been sprayed or mixed with chemicals. You can find organic cramp bark tincture at your local store or online.

Organic calendula

Calendula belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae and grows in the Mediterranean region until Iran under sunny weathers. The flower can be yellow to orange and measures around 5cm in diameter. Also known under the Latin name Calendula officinalis, Calendula means first day of the month because the flowers bloom mostly on the first days of each month, from spring to fall. It can grow very easily in any garden. Pot marigold is also a common name for calendula. The flowers are edible and can be used to decorate salads. They are also fed to poultry to produce an egg yolk that is darker yellow.

Calendula is a very interesting flower with numerous healing properties. It is known to ease constipation, cramps or fever in traditional medicine. Studies have also produced hope as extract of calendula officinalis would have anti-tumor properties and would boost the immune system although further investigation is needed. Calendula is also known for its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and is often taken in the form of powder or tea to help treating infections.

As a topical ingredient, calendula is the herb of choice to treat many skin conditions including burns, sunburns, rashes, abrasions, scrapes and insect bites thanks to its antiseptic properties. It is said to even help in case of psoriasis. It is very beneficial to dry skin and damaged skin, has anti-aging properties and it is particularly efficient on baby skin when diaper irritations occur. It can be used to reduce stretch marks or on newly-designed tatoos to help the skin heal. It can speed up wound healing by activating blood flow and oxygen to the wounded area.

Using organic calendula is better as it has grown on chemical-free soils much like other organic products. Organic calendula can be found in the form of organic calendula oil, weleda calendula creamorganic calendula cream, organic calendula ointments. Organic calendula oil is also an excellent massage oil especially when varicose veins occur.

organic calendula oilOrganic calendula oil or cream is good for the whole family and is particularly great to keep your baby’s skin smoother and far from irritations. You can apply organic calendula oil on body and face as needed.You can find organic calendula at your local health store or online.

Organic wines

History of Wine

Drinking wine is not new and traces back to 5000BC to 6000BC, probably from Iran. Wine drinking was common in Greece or in the Roman Empire and was often associated with ceremonial events. In Europe, wine production followed the fall of the Roman Empire and was adopted by the Catholic church as wine drinking accompanied Church masses. In the 15th century, wine consumption became popular and grapes started to be widely grown all around the world.

Sulfites in Wine

To preserve wines from spoiling, wine producers started to add sulphites to it 200 years ago. Sulfite comes from sulphur, a chemical element found in nature in a yellow crystalline solid form. Sulfites naturally occur on many growing plants at very low levels to avoid microbial growth and have been used commonly to stop the fermentation in food products.

Even organic wines contain sulfites because of the fermentation of the grapes creating a chemical reaction resulting in the build-up of sulphur dioxide BUT no manually added sulfites which are not the same sulfites as the ones found in nature.
In the USA, it was enforced to inform consumers of manually added sulfites in wines back in 1987. In Europe, the same law came into force in 2005 for wines containing more than 10mg/L in which case, the label must show “Contains sulfites”. Sulphites can have negative effects on health and particularly create allergies (especially in people prompt to asthma), cramps, hot flushes or feelings of hangover. This is why many people try to avoid wine drinking. Sulfites are found in highest concentration in white wines and sweet wines that are more prompt to spoilage unlike red wines, although winemakers add them anyways. They are found in many other products including fruit juices, dry fruits, fruit concentrates, jam, pizza dough, processed vegetables, some cheeses, prescription drugs, among others and these foods/drinks can produce the same effect as wine drinking, including headaches and feelings of hangovers.

Besides the added sulfites in wines, growing grapes involves a high usage of pesticides and chemicals in order to produce good grapes. This makes wine drinking even more toxic and this is why more and more, companies push organic wines including organic red wine, organic white wine and organic rose, which means that the grapes are organically grown and do not contain any chemicals which is good for us and for the environment. Organic wines will still contain sulfites but natural sulftes and at a very low dosage which will reduce the side effects occurring when drinking regular wines.

Buy organic wine

You can buy organic wine at your local natural store or online. Drinking organic wine won’t induce the same side effects and is actually good because wine contains antioxidants that help prevent cardio-vascular complications. However, always check the ingredients of your organic products to ensure they are truly organic.